We know that our Older Friends do some amazing work and really improve the lives of the children they help, but it’s always nice to have this re-affirmed. So we were delighted to receive the following feedback from one of our referrers earlier this week.

Would you please forward my thanks to the volunteer who supports my young person Kishan*.

“All of Kishan’s siblings have a disability and therefore this results in him missing out on a lot of experiences and opportunities in his life. The family are unable to have family days out or to go on holiday. The trips that the volunteer and Kishan undertake are very important in meeting this need. His mum has expressed her pleasure that he now has these experiences to discuss at school, particularly when other children are discussing their holidays.

Kishan’s volunteer is particularly adept at encouraging him to experience new things and broadening his horizons. Without these opportunities my fear is that he would have remained withdrawn, at home, in his bedroom.
Thank you for giving this child a chance to have a childhood!”

*Names have been changed to protect identity