The lead professional of Younger Friend William, reported recently that she thinks his Older Friend is still very beneficial to him in his last year of primary school. She would be loathed for him to lose Older Friend Matt, in this important year of school. Since the friendship began, “the difference has been huge”. She believes it is very positive for him, and he really benefits from having special time with Matt. It is his chance to be special in his own right as with his poorly sibling he doesn’t get much of his mums time. He really enjoys the cooking he does with Matt and when he takes the food home, he shares this with the rest of the family, which she believes is very good for his confidence and positive behavior in the family. The knock on effect in school is that Williams self esteem has greatly improved. For example his hand writing is much better, he is putting more effort in, although it still needs work though! He is trying to be more noticed rather than hiding in a corner which is what he used to do. He is still very quite at school but he has a voice with Matt, which is so important.

(NB Names have been changed).