I asked Ruth* to give me a few things she thinks have changed for her since we met ….She was quick to answer starting with her confidence to talk to strangers – she relayed the first time we ate out and I asked her to order for us both, something she does with ease now.

We talk about choices and how our lives can change depending on what we choose. Ruth frequently tells me about how she made a certain choice that week – last week it was her decision not to smoke – the only one in her family who doesn’t. It was her lifestyle choice. This expands out to working hard at school to open doors for her and offering opportunities in later life.

For me, hearing Ruth talk in such a positive way helps me realise that what appears to be the simple act of meeting up and talking things over really does make a difference to a young person’s life.

Deborah Roberts
Area Coordinator Rugby & North Warwickshire

* Names have been changed.