Older Friends

Click here if you have a Safeguarding concern about your Younger Friend

Click if you are interested in finding out more about Cyber Safety

To apply to be an Older Friend, please complete our application form:

Application Form to become an Older Friend

Useful documents for current Older Friends:

Expenses Form Template

Friendship Project Guidelines version 10

Form to confirm you have read the Guidelines

Emergency contact numbers if you have a Safeguarding concern

What behaviour could you sometimes expect from your Younger Friend?

Incident report form – in case of an accident on an outing

Recommendations for places/activities with Younger Friends:

  • Please click here for a list which has various recommendations for places to visit as well as where we have rates set up at.  If you would like a form for Cakes for Kids as detailed in the this document please contact karen.hoy@friendshipproject.co.uk