My Younger Friend has now reached 16. He and I have been paired since he was 7 years old. We have both enjoyed each other’s company and he has become part of my family, even my three grand daughters love him and will continue to see him. I’ve already said that I will vet his girlfriends and be at his wedding.

He wants to own a mini but I’ve told him that my future Zimmer frame won’t fit into the boot, when he takes me to the Post Office for my pension!

He has matured into a fine young man who is going to college in September and works part time for the things he wants. He knows where he is heading and what he wants to achieve.

I don’t think I could be lucky enough to have another friendship that would go as well as this one. My Younger Friend has never been any trouble to me. He has always been polite, funny and has developed my sense of humour in being able to laugh at one’s self!

Thank you for the opportunity of meeting my Younger Friend and being able to be a part of his life. Both of us hope that the Friendship Project will continue to help other children to grow as he has.

(NB The Younger Friend’s name has been changed)