Progress report from an Older Friend.  Our sincere thanks go to the Recessionaires charity who have supported us by sponsoring one of our Younger Friends to have drama lessons.

Dear Fiona,

Naomi contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I would like to go to a production that her drama group were putting on.  I went last night and was left feeling rather emotional.  Naomi was not one of the main characters but she was really good, I took Naomi  home afterwards and we had a nice chat.  Naomi  is confident has been discharged from CAMS and not referred to the adult mental health service.  She has been for auditions and got to fourth place in one, Naomi has friends and feels part of her group.  Her maths have been improving and she is hoping to get her GCSE in a resit later this year.  Naomi is doing work experience at the Playbox Theatre with several of the groups there.

Can anything be better than to see a person who has had huge problems emerging into a well rounded person working towards a future.  Next year Naomi is going into Musical Drama, that may not be quite the right expression but you get the trend.

I thought the sponsor might like to hear how their contribution had made such a huge difference in a bright young persons life.  Its been a privilege to be part of this change.

Kind regards

Naomi’s Older Friend

(NB Names have been changed)