Arty-Folks is more than an art group, they are a community of like-minded people with a passion for the visual arts.  They offer Art as Therapy to help people who feel at a low point in life and who are struggling with mental ill health to on their recovery journey to achieve mental well-being. Go to to learn more.

Arty-Folks is marking World Mental Health Day 10th October  with an exhibition of paintings at Coventry Central Library 6-14 October.

This years’ focus is on Young people in a Changing World and paintings on display shows personal maps of places and people that help us feel Grounded.

A BBC Radio 4 survey released this October highlights that 16-24 year olds are the loneliest age group in the UK, and Arty-Folks wants to raise awareness that we all need to do more to tackle mental ill health in young people.

Human beings are by nature very sociable and we need to take time to listen and exchange experiences, have fun, and connect to our peers.

The BBC survey shows that 61% of young people say that taking part in group activities is the best solution to tackle loneliness because sharing an interest is the simplest way to make new friends.

Arty-Folks received £75,000 from the Heart of England Community Foundation to run a 3 year programme for young people 18-28 year old who are struggling to find their own way forward.

Weekly “Making Headway” group offers art for self-development combined with 1:1 life skills coaching, and inter-generational mentoring.

The project is in its second year and it has helped our young people to push through their fears and start Foundation in Art and Design at University, apprenticeships and employment.

Arty-Folks Making Headway group provides young people with opportunities to meet with other like-minded people and promotes a sense of belonging to a community.

“Arty-Folks is a safe place for me where I made my first friends after 4years of being in Coventry, where I feel comfortable being myself. The group has helped me become mentally stronger and I am now back at Uni.”

To join Arty-Folks therapeutic art programme:  every Wednesday 12.30-2.30 at Holyhead Studios (formerly known as Artspace),

16 Lower Holyhead Road, CV1 3AU.