Volunteering Event, Doing Good does you Good, Wednesday 30th January 2019, 12-2pm

Upper Mall, Royal Priors

Local support organisation Warwickshire CAVA is getting the New Year off to a flying start with a local volunteering event held at the end of the month.

Intended to raise the profile of the health benefits of volunteering and attract new volunteers for Warwick District’s third sector organisations, the event will feature twelve local organisations looking to recruit new volunteers. Organisation representatives will be on hand to chat to individuals about how they can get involved. Participating groups include Barnardos, British Heart Foundation, Helping Hands Community Charity, ILEAP, Way Ahead Support Service, Friendship Project, RNLI, Museums and Heritage, Green Spaces and Warwickshire Vision Support.

2019 has been heralded ‘Coventry and Warwickshire’s Year of Wellbeing’ by the County Council and health services. Government-backed research claims that there are five steps that everyone can take to improve mental wellbeing: connect with others, be active, take notice of your environment, keep learning and give something back. Many volunteering activities tick all of these boxes and are free. And, for people with health-themed New Year resolutions, volunteering could help them on their way to improved wellbeing.

Helen Wilkinson, Volunteering Co-ordinator for Warwick District at Warwickshire CAVA said:

“On 30th January, individuals looking to grab a last minute sales bargain just might end up going home with a new volunteering opportunity along with their shopping.

“They will join the thousands of Warwickshire residents already converted to the benefits of volunteering and giving their time to causes within their local communities.

“People volunteer for a whole host of reasons: some people want to feel part of something and make friends. For others it’s about giving something back to a cause they feel passionate about.  Others volunteer to gain skills and experience that can open new doors in their working lives. Whatever the reason, the result is usually improved wellbeing.”

There are hundreds of community and voluntary groups across Warwick District who need people to give some time and support, from homeless charities and community centres to support for children, vulnerable adults or animals.  To view the variety of volunteering opportunities in the district, visit www.wcava.org.uk/volunteering-individuals.